Trucking and Transportation Services

Trucking and Transportation Services

Are you looking for a reliable transportation service provider, who will help you take heavy loads, and transport them wherever you need?

If yes, then connect with Cypris Transport Ltd., now.

Whether it is winching service that you are looking for, or wish to haul massive loads, we are here to help you.

Our Trucking Services

Winch Tractor Service

At Cypris Transport we undertake compressor hauling, coil tube hauling that can go up to 160,000 lbs.

You can also reach out to us for camp moving and pipe hauling services.

Equipment Hauling

Whether you have extensive equipment to be transported from one place to another or you merely wish to move its location within the vicinity, we will help you with it.

At Cypris we take up all types of equipment hauling services. You can reach out to us for hauling your dozers and excavators, as well as any rubber-tired equipment such as – rock trucks, scrapers, loaders, graders, and more.

We can haul equipment that sizes up to 200,000 lbs, and will also pull those massive hydraulic removable necks.

Railroad Service

We have been in the transportation business since 2003, and that makes us aware of all the railroad services that you require.

Therefore, to speed up your railroad works, we can help you with the mobilization of track maintenance equipment, surfacing equipment such as tampers and regulators.

At Cypris Transport, we can even drive on and off trailer equipment, all types of hi-rail equipment. We can also take up services of movement up to 80’ rails on our trombone trailers.

We also have crane truck with 50,000 lbs lifting ability, and that can also do hauling of 45,000 lbs.

Picker Service

At Cypris Transport, we specialize in oilfield and heavy transportation services. We provide picker services for – tank farm setups, frac pond setups, and centrifuge rig-ups.

We also provide holding coil tubing injectors services and have man basket and spreader bars available with us.

Pilot Trucks & Light Duty Services

In the language of road transport, any load that exceeds the standard or ordinary legal size is considered an oversized load, and hence needs experts hand to move them.

At Cypris Transport, our professional team members will be able to do all kinds of pilot and light duty services for you. Right from piloting oversized loads, to providing light duty services for one-ton loads, we also offer one-ton with 40’ gooseneck.

You can also connect with us for piloting and light duty services for downhole tools and BOPs. We also transport small equipment such as skid steers, mini hoes.

Texas Bed Service

We provide our Texas Bed Services for 400bbl tank setups, rig mat hauling, and placements.

Our servicemen can also provide hauling and setting up services for small separator buildings and pressure vessels.

Cypris Transport provides its services throughout Western Canada

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